The Story Behind The Praying Hands A Fake?

Today I received the following comment pertaining to an earlier post that I did where I pasted an e-mail that I received with “the story of The Praying Hands” in it:

Dennis says:

This email is a fake, go to Wikipedia and read the real story, there was no brother involved in any of this, as usual just a BS email for people to believe in the grace of God or something, even when there isn’t any truth to it.

This got my ire up a little bit and here was my response to this individual:

terri0729 says:
  • Dennis, It’s too bad that you feel that way. If the story is fake, I really don’t care ’cause the picture is inspiration enough to me in itself. As far as the grace of God goes, you picked the wrong person to make that comment to. I personally have experienced the grace of God over and over again in my lifetime. Even to the point of a near-death encounter with the Light!!! So, although I will post your comment, I will not acknowledge any truth to your conclusions. But to each his own, right? Peace, Terri

Needless to say, anyone who has read my blog for more than two seconds knows that this type of comment wouldn’t fly with me!  But if it is true that this story is a fake, my regular readers know that I’d be the first one to say that I was wrong.  I don’t have the time nor desire to go and research this one.  If you would like to explore the veracity of Dennis’s comment, please be my guest.  As I said in my reply, I really don’t care.  I don’t mean that to sound arrogant or condescending, I just mean that I have more important things to worry about right now than this silliness.  It’s obvious that this person is a non-believer.  That’s his God-given right.  Just as it is my God proven right to believe.  The rest you can decide for yourself.  My intent is not to offend anyone but just to set the record straight as I always try to do :).

Peace and blessings,  Terri

14 thoughts on “The Story Behind The Praying Hands A Fake?

  1. I am so sorry for people like that. Being in psychology, it has greatly recognized the belief in God and how much more (mentally) healthier Christians are than none Christians. Because of God and prayer life leads to a supernatural support that others cannot tap into, as you already well know. Some people will just refuse to believe in anything. I have to pity such, no hope for any future. And I am sorry because I did not mean to preach like this. My apologies.

    1. Randall, That is perfectly okay! It must have touched a nerve with you too, lol! I have to pity people like that as well because I know what awaits on the other side for those of us who believe and must think that if it is so great (which believe me it is), the other must be so horrible that it cannot be imagined! I have read and seen interviews with people who have been to hell and come back and it ain’t pretty. I’d much rather the other and will do everything in my power to ensure that’s where I go 🙂 So no apologies necessary here! Peace and blessings, Terri

  2. Press on Terri – I enjoy your blog (first timer here)
    Good point Randall regarding prayer. I agree that there is some truth to saying that belief in God leads to a healthier mental status. Depending how you carefully define “healthier” – of course. Prayer is a remarkable thing that not necessarily changes your outside circumstances but rather your inside (mental) ones.
    Peace, Chris

    1. Thanks Chris for your thoughts! And welcome, I hope you will return again. Prayer is what has sustained me through the most difficult times of my life. It is what saved my life. It is what healed me of most of the devestating aftermath of M.S. attacks. Needless to say, I agree with the both of you and I will definitely be pressing on 🙂 How can I do otherwise? lol. Peace and blessings, Terri

  3. I have met many people like that. I usually smile(hard on the internet :)) and say something like, Well when the time comes in the end, We’ll see.

  4. Hi there! I just happened on this blog by chance because I was trying to check out the story of The Praying Hands. I’m a WordPress member, so I just logged on to check it out. Like very much what I see in print!!!

  5. hi
    i have 1 question
    and i hope u know the answer
    u know people praying hand style
    i want to know
    why praying hand is like this?

  6. wikipedia isn’t exactly a great source for information anyway… they won’t even let students use it as a credible source for research papers…..

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