To All My “Ageless” Friends – New E-Mail Via Mom

Some of these are hilarious!

To All My “Ageless” Friends

























19 thoughts on “To All My “Ageless” Friends – New E-Mail Via Mom

  1. senior humour is good for laughter,heart and soul and i am glad to be one and to have other good natured seniors to share with Sandra

  2. The Golden Years

    While on an ocean voyage vacation an elderly couple was approached by a Reporter who
    asked if they would grant an interview which they graciously did. He asked them to relate
    in their own words what a long life had taught and meant to them.

    We have been blessed and privileged to have experienced the wonders of life learning that
    the “tree of life” is nourished by love. Knowing this we were able to grow and forgive and
    in doing so we left no one out of our lives.

    Having respect for others brought respect and what matters in life are family and friends
    therefore we must have concern when life brings tragedy here an around the world for we
    must show concern for all God’s people who are rejected for all are entitled to be treated
    with dignity and respect for life is fragile.

    We at this very moment feel the rolling sea and hear the sound of the mighty waves as they
    crash against this vessel tossing it about like a cork. This is somewhat like life’s journey.
    When we came aboard we had faith in this mighty ship and the Captain who will lead us
    through turbulent waters to the calm and beautiful inlet of the bay and then to the safety
    of the harbor.

    Even with our faith in this beautiful ship an in our Captain we are still not certain how
    our trip will end.

    However over life’s voyage filled with sorrow and grief we acknowledge by faith the
    undying love of the ” Greatest Captain” who gives guidance and solace over troubled
    waters which he then fills with love and forgiveness, thus our voyage will last forever on a
    sea of tranquility with Him.

    ” Have we answered your request adequately ?” The Reporter did not reply but shook
    the Gentleman’s hand then leaning over gave the little lady a kiss on the cheek then
    he thanked them. ” You are certainly welcome”, they replied. Then looking into their
    loving eyes the Reporter said, “you have changed my life forever”.

    As they walked away the Reporter never took his eyes off the couple, holding hands they
    walked slowly through the fog as the last beams of sunlight revealed a soft embrace.

    (c) By Marion Marshall Guttmann

    My site:

  3. Petal From A Rose

    I saw a petal from a Rose fall
    in a sparkling creek tho in ran
    and babbled to the petal
    it could not speak.

    The petal twirled and spun then
    went the way it pleased yet
    stayed the course by the
    nudging of the breeze.

    While Sunbeams glistened on the creek
    they danced their way down deep
    as the petal spun through closed
    white lilies which seemed so fast asleep.

    It crossed my mind as time went
    by, this petal from a Rose how
    it worried not from whence it
    came but only where it finally goes.


    The Rose is God
    The petal is us The creek the path
    of life. The breeze our prayers .The
    Sunbeam is Jesus. The lilies ,our
    deceased .Thus the petal ends
    in heaven with all. Amen

    © By Marion Marshall Guttmann


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