Payment Declined Scam Via My Brother

I just wanted to share this with my circle of friends and visitors.  As my brother said when he forwarded this to me, we are all aware of not opening random e-mails but the shopping season is upon us and as a precaution be extra vigilant!  🙂


We had this message sent to us from our work security officer.  Just thought I would pass it along as a good reminder to be cautious this holiday season.


Sent: Thursday, November 10, 2011 12:11 PM
To: All North America Employees
Subject: Payment Declined Scam
Please be on the lookout for email messages with the title “Direct Deposit Payment Declined” or some variant thereof.
Given that this is the beginning of the shopping season, the scammers are hoping that the panic factor will push you to click on the hyperlink that is included in these messages.
Clicking on the link will only result in bad things happening!
Thank you for your care and attention in this matter.


Remember, there is nothing that requires you to open every email that you receive, especially those from unknown senders.



Information Security Officer


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