She Wants to Feed – Part 3

“Yes, you will if you don’t!” the voice answered me.

A mixed wave of bitterness, anguish and pure hatred began washing over me anew.  So being a fool, I dug in my heels, just as any stubborn and willful human being is capable of and wouldn’t budge on the matter with a, “She’s never said she was sorry for it!” attitude.

The whole entire time that I was having this “inner discussion”, the girl and I walked in silence.  Her gaze would fall upon me occasionally and those piercing green eyes would look right straight through me.

I liked being with her.  She had been there for me through most of it.  How could that be wrong?  How could she be something to “run away” from? 

“What’s your name?” I asked for the hundredth time.

“Bahalize,” she replied.

“Hi, I’m John!  But I guess you already knew that didn’t you?!

I had not realized that we had walked so far as to reach the State Road that ran parallel to our property.  I was leaning my legs against the guard rail as we began to talk once more.  “So what were you doing out here in the woods all the times that we have run into each other?”

“Oh, I like to come out and look around for things to put in my collections.”

“Yeah?  Like what?”

“Well I have several rock collections, flowers, bugs and animal skulls.”

“Wait, what?  Did you say animal skulls?”


I wasn’t real sure how I felt about this little bit of news.  It brought back the nervousness that previously come upon me ’cause what did she want with animal skulls anyway?  Was she into Wicca or some form of witchcraft?  Maybe even Voodoo or something like that.  Now I was getting creeped out!  As all these thoughts were running through my mind, Bahalize was staring at my face intently.  Her eyes were practically boring a hole through my skull.

Then she began to approach me.  I didn’t hear or see that there was a car coming down the road at the same time.  She moved very quickly towards me and almost seemed to be hissing the words, “You hate her don’t you?!  She is a wicked step-mother and you hate her for being so mean to you!”

This girl was really scaring me at this point.  It appeared to me that she had crossed the 20 – 30 yards between us instantly and just then her arm raised towards me.  I cringed!

Teresa Marie  11/13/11

4 thoughts on “She Wants to Feed – Part 3

      1. I believe the conclusion is part 8. So you’ll be confused if you haven’t read them all. I suggest that you go to the categories, select Story Time and then you don’t have to search for them 🙂

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