The Proposal – Part V

“Now, hunny, you know that you’re my girl and of course I want you to be happy.  Why don’t you tell me what this is all about since it seems that I have no idea what’s going on?!”

“Daddy, I loathe Armand!  I would rather marry a snake than be his wife.  I can’t believe that you and mother arranged this marriage without any thought to my feelings about it.”

“But your mother said that this was what you wanted!”

The anger in daddy’s voice was thick,  “…mother said…”, those two words echoed over and over in my ears!  How could she?!  I felt sick to my stomach.  With fresh tears springing to eyes I looked at my father and saw that his face had turned red with rage.  He was thinking the same thing I’m sure. 

After all the “talks” we had on the possibility of this proposal coming and my adamant refusal to consider marriage to Armand, mother had tricked my father into accepting.  “Oh daddy, how could she betray me like that?!  She knows that I want to marry Adrian.  I’ve told her over and over.  Why does she hate him so much?”

The storm had passed.  Father and I sat there for another hour discussing my feelings about this mess and what could now be done.  After that daddy went back to bed saying that we’d make it right tomorrow some way.

I sat up for a while longer enjoying the sweet smell of the air, rain washed, clean and crisp.  Outside the crickets were chirping up a racket and in the distance I could hear an owl hooting.  All in all, it turned out to be a very peaceful end to the day and for the first time in a quite a while I had hope. 

Before climbing in between the covers on my bed, I knelt down to say my evening prayers and thank God for waking my father up at just the right time for him and I to talk alone.  After I was done I began thinking of Adrian.  A warm flush ran through my body as a smile formed on my lips.  In the morning I would see him at church.  When we were alone in the vestibule getting on our choir robes, I would make plans to meet him later and tell him about all that had transpired tonight.

Daddy liked him a lot, I think much more than Armand.  I just couldn’t figure out why mother was so much against me being with him.  When we were talking earlier, my father had told me about the time Adrian’s family first came here.  I guess that his father moved here first and his mother settled things after the sale of their house up north.  It took her three months to get everything packed up and in order for the move.  Adrian was a newborn and I had not yet even been conceived.  His father owned and ran the mercantile store in town.

Daddy said that he and mother seemed to have made fast friends after he held his grand opening at the store but had some sort of falling out right before Adrian and his mother arrived.  There was no clear-cut explanation given to my father for it though…

Teresa Marie   11/22/11

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