Just How It’s Supposed To Be?

I stuck my tongue out to catch the falling snowflakes. They fell upon my shoulders like dandruff but none landed on my tongue. An incoherent babble grew louder to my left. My attention shifted. An old, scraggly man hidden beneath an overgrown beard was “singing” for money. Living in the city desensitized people from the sights of the homeless. I stopped in mid-stride. He looked so pitiful and guilt constricted my heart. I couldn’t walk away, not this time. I scouted my pockets for a couple of coins and found five dollars. I left it in his hat and he grinned revealing all four of his teeth. My fingers caressed my pregnant stomach as I walked away. Maybe I hadn’t saved the man but with each act of kindness I could strive for a better world for my unborn child.

– Ermisenda Alvarez

And isn’t that just
how it’s supposed to be?
But way too many
the homeless don’t see

As being one of
the downtrodden and poor
and rather as those
who don’t try anymore

For our society does
no longer even care
“it’s their own fault”
does the public declare

Where is the compassion
that God does command?
“Look out for yourself”
of them we demand

To all those with
no change to spare
all I can say
is you’d better beware

‘Cause in this world
we’re living in today
you may be the next
to have it all taken away!

Teresa Marie  11/26/11

__picture it & write

by Ermilia

7 thoughts on “Just How It’s Supposed To Be?

  1. Nice one Terri. loved how a paragraph got ur creative juices flowing. mark of a true poet. mark of a true human being. respect terri.

  2. I wish there was a way to see through a filter. We have a man who has been “homeless and collecting bus fare to Seattle” for almost two years now. I took him a cup of hot coffee (Starbucks!) and breakfast once. Now a woman who is “homeless feeding 4 children” fights him for the same spot to pander. I see them arguing over who gets the spot and stuff. Somewhere someone really needs bus fare to Seattle and someone really has 4 starving children and I really want to help. It’s not these two.

    1. It would be nice, wouldn’t it Anne! It’s always those bad pennies that hurt everybody else. I’ve known them too, as well as those truly in need. The way I see that is this, we do the best we can and the guilty parties who took away from those deserving ones will answer to God for it 🙂 PLB, Terri

  3. this is the truth of life out there
    the rich the poor and those who dont care
    the crime the passion the beautiful too

    and those left behind in the gutter
    to rot and decay
    with no life to share
    apart from kind word
    have you a penny to spare
    thank you and god bless you

    as you go on your way
    these unfortunate people
    were born into family somwhere
    but lost there footing on life tree
    of weatlh and prosperity

    and now left with nothing
    but there pride and dignity
    to show for there life
    on show before thee..

    this is my response theresa you have hit the truth with this poem its beautifully written and speaks about the world today.

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