Kings and Queens and Fairytale Books

In childhood I began
with reading fairytale books

Of kings and queens
with maids and cooks

Of gleaming white knights
and princes on steeds

Riding to the rescue
and performing great deeds

With the beautiful princess
that he must save

And winning her heart
being ever so brave

Of bridges and trolls
and billy goats three

With an evil gin
using magic on me

In this place here
formed by imagination

The world is free
of a logical explanation


Where everything is how
I want it to be

Like a dragon reading
bedtime stories to me

Real life is not
truly ever so grand

And too often find 
it’s hard to understand

But in fairytale worlds
my escape I find

And for a moment
gain peace of mind

Before I must handle
that which is real

Off to my book
I often do steal

Yet I can’t avoid
all my problems forever

Now it’s time to go
and the storms to weather!

Teresa Marie  11/26/11


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