Justice – Weekly Photo Challenge

photo shot in Manhattan by FrizzText

 As I kneel here waiting
the scene I am contemplating

Those people staring at me
with their shock and curiosity

Whispering in each others ear
looking at me with fear

 Yet I won’t hang my head
but hold it proud instead

Although I broke the law
and everybody around here saw

What would you have done
if he molested your son?

They can take me away
’cause I got my justice today!

Teresa Marie  12/2/11


Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

by frizztext

11 thoughts on “Justice – Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. … and compliment for the interesting poem = a prayer spoken by the man in handcuffs – maybe sometimes every human being has a “handcuff-mood” = when he was fallen ill or attacked by a not fair mob etc.

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