My Friday Thoughts – “What is Wrong With You Today?”

That is the question my husband asked me last night when I showed him my posts for the day.  The e-mail about the stuttering kitty got a raised eyebrow because of the s-word but when he heard my limericks, that was the kicker.  Shaking his head he looked at me laughingly saying, “What is wrong with you today?!  You wrote that?!  On your blog?!!!  What about God?”

I explained to him that a limerick is supposed to be somewhat raunchy and that mine were mild compared to some of the ones that I have read; I attempted to do them as tastefully as possible; I had not used any swear words; the humor was in the visual; and lastly, that God has a sense of humor ’cause where else would we have gotten it from?  Then as I added, “Besides, I needed a good laugh today to easy some of the stress I’ve been through this week!”  As my brother’s e-mails always state “I can’t help it, I’m Irish!”

Mark started to walk away, laughing at me of course, then turned and said, “Well, there goes some of your subscribers after they read that!”

Therefore, I thought that I may need to put out a quick apology to anyone that I may have offended yesterday in my diversion for the normal state of my blog.  Please do forgive me if I did, it was not done with any malice in mind.  🙂 

I appreciate and cherish every one of you who have seen fit to follow what I write, comment and “like” my posts.  You make everything that I do worthwhile and I take your feelings seriously.

In the future, I will try to refrain from such off-the-wall behavior but, in all honesty, can make no concrete promises – just keeping it real!

Peace, love and blessings,


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