Ogre Tea Party

(Image Source: photobucket.com)

As I sat looking outside
and watching the fir trees blowing
my imagination took a ride
all without me even knowing

As then I found myself
in a forest of fir trees
with the sweet aroma of them
 floating around me on the breeze

‘Twas nothing else to do
but to start walking along
the path in front of me
while I whistled a happy song

After a little while passed
I found that I was nearing
a place of thinning trees
 opening to a tiny clearing

And I thought “What’s this?”
while beginning to rub my eyes
for what there I did see
came as such a big surprise

Yes, it was really there
in the woods ahead of me
the unbelievable wonder of
an ogre tea party

With pastries and little cups
and stuffed animals everywhere
as to them I called
“Have you any to spare?”

‘Twas not one bit afraid
when they both looked at me
as one of them jumped up
and began clapping with glee

Waving me to come over
I sat in a little chair
as they served me up
so eager and willing to share

We had the grandest party
that you could ever see
having the time of our life
those two ogres and me!

Teresa Marie  12/8/11


Free Write Friday; Finding Magic in YOUR Backyard




5 thoughts on “Ogre Tea Party

  1. Oh this is certainly magical! I was surprised…in a good way, to read something like this from you! It is completely dreamy and has such a fairy tale quality! a perfect post for my wish jar too! You should link it there and snag the “Pixie Dust Poet Award”…I want you to have it! I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you sooooo much! My kinda stuff right here! Thanks for taking me away to another place, I sure needed a little magic today! Big Hugs!

    1. Thanks Kellie!!! I have the Pixie Dust Poet Award from Bluebell Books already but I will be over to link it later on. I’m so glad that I could lighten your day, spread some fairy dust and make you smile 🙂 Huge hugs back, Terri

    1. Kellie, I left you a message on your wall ’cause I couldn’t figure out how to send a friends resquest. I followed you on fb but I rarely get time to go there anyymore. Just let me know if I need to do something else 🙂 Grins

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