The Witches War

Once there were two witches
one good and other bad

That on one fine day
a war of magic had

For the wicked one said
to the one of good

“You won’t beat me
and you never could”

The white witch replied
“Good always triumphs evil

Save us both the time
and yourself the upheaval”

So that’s the way it was
as back and forth they went

Until every bit of magic
both of them had almost spent

When the good witch said
“I will now defeat you”

The wicked one sneered back
“Yeah, when pigs fly too!”

The good witch replied smiling
“I can arrange for that”

As over a pig flew
knocking off the wicked’s hat

“Good always triumphs evil
just exactly as I said”

While the pig broke into singing
“Ding-dong the witch is dead!”

Teresa Marie  12/9/11






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