What I see – This Week’s FWF; Take A Good Look At Yourself

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When I look in the mirror
the reflection that I see

Is not the raving beauty
my husband thinks of me

When it’s more like the image
that in moving water is reflected

A constantly changing picture of
a distortion more than expected

It’s not a gentle aging
that’s found in my eyes

I see more lines and wrinkles
which I do thoroughly despise

Seems not just my soul
that’s become old and weary

It shows upon my face
and my eyes are teary

The soft ever-present smile
that with everyone I’d share

Remembered only by the lines
 left around my mouth there

Where over a period of time
on my lips it had been pasted

For the gentle truth of it
had long ago been wasted

Yet now I have to wonder
why is this what I see

When I have a loving husband
with whom I am so happy?

Am I still so conditioned
by that other man’s taunts

That deep within my mind
it’s my self-image he still haunts

Why does Mark see the rose
with its rich velvet beauty?

I pray that it’s not said
out of his sense of duty.

Then again it just might
not be the right day

To be standing here staring
at a face that’s old and gray

Aging never did seem
before to bother me

Until you made me look
and tell you what I see!!

Teresa Marie  12/9/11


FWF; Take A Good Long Look At Yourself

by Kellie Elmore


12 thoughts on “What I see – This Week’s FWF; Take A Good Look At Yourself

  1. I am certain it is not out of duty…he looks at you through the eyes of love in which the flaws are beautiful too. this is just lovely, Terri. I too have looked in the mirror and pondered over what I see, the crows feet, the dark circles and thought, how can he love this? lol! and I have battled with my weight so long that the mirror is sometimes an enemy. 😦 I applaud you for your honest reply to my prompt. Thank you for your loyalty to FWF. It really means alot to me.


    1. LOL! I too have dark circles, left them out. Just read it to Mark on the phone and he laughed at me like always. You are right, love sees you in a whole different light! I also have gained weight and now am about 25 pounds over my norm, that doesn’t help any either. But all in all it was a good prompt and Mark applauded your choice for the day Thank you for you kind words and you’re welcome too!! I will participate in FWF every week unless I’m physically not able to, you have my loyalty. Bigger HUGS!!!

  2. this is so beautiful, and fills me with hope, when i look at the mirror i also do not like what i see, many a day i cant even look at the mirror, until i pray and then i can last for 5 seconds in the mirror without looking away in sadness.. thank you for this Terrie, i needed it.. 🙂

    1. You are welcome, my girl!! I try to stay away from mirrors, lol, until have makeup on at least. You and I seem more and more like real mother and daughter all the time! 🙂 Blessing and much love, Terri XOXOXOXOXOXO

      1. lol, yes we do seem more like mother and daughter every single day, ooh, i just wanted to tell you that i have another blog, this one is not a poetry blog, i write about all the things which worry me which are happening around the world.. please check it out when you can..
        :-).. Blessing to you to .. XO

    1. Thanks Charlie! I do believe him that I am beautiful to him! I would not trade one second of my life with Mark for all the gold that used to be in Fort Knox, ha-ha. Next time I’ll try to get more indepth and not stop at the surface, lol! Blessings, Terri

      1. No, you are definitely not alone. I look in the mirror often and wonder the same things…”love is truly blind” and what a wonderful thing it is! 🙂

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