Within The Depths Of Me


You hold my heart in
the palm of your hand

I know that this
you do not understand

But giving all  there is
within the depths of me

Know I’ll follow you
from here to eternity

You colored my life
in rainbowed hues

More alive and vibrant
as it ensues

When I awake with
the break of morn

Vestige of your kisses
do my face adorn

The vows I said
on our wedding day

Are ever so true
unto this very day


Should you go on
to heaven before me

Then my empty arms
would ache for thee

Let me count the ways
that I love you

For there must be
about a million or two!

Teresa Marie  12/9/11

I love you Mark!


4 thoughts on “Within The Depths Of Me

    1. Thanks so much for the lovely comment, except one thing, our anniversary was in October – I just wrote this ’cause I wanted to 🙂 He deserves it! Blessings, Terri

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