A Re-Posting of This Story: Please help find Tosin! Help bring Tosin home.

Please help find Tosin! Help bring Tosin home.

14 Wednesday Dec 2011

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Tosin Oyelowo went missing on Friday, December 9th in Charleston, South Carolina where she is working as a resident after graduating from the University of Charleston West Virginia School of Pharmacy last summer.

According to the blogger who publicised Tosin’s disappearance, “I am hoping we can use the social media to circulate this news and help bring her back home. We might not be powerful enough to have this on every TV news channel, but I believe we can use the power of the internet to bring Tosin back home. Pls, post this link and let people see her face. Make sure every friend or family member of yours does the same.”

This is heartbreaking. Imagine what her loved ones must be going through right now, especially during this festive season. She is still young as her future has just started. Please Keep Tosin in your prayers. Reblog this. Post this on Facebook, Myspace or wherever. Dial 911 to alert the police if you see anyone that looks like her or hear anyone talking about her whereabouts. Below is the link to the “Help find Tosin website”


Please share this with everyone and on your blogs please. :( My prayer is that Tosin spends this holiday with her family unharmed. Amen

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