Dance ‘Til It Hurts

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Dance ’til it hurts
the day I die
so you have reason
for tears to cry

As a great celebration
it needs to be
when the time comes
to enter my eternity

Don’t want you all
to mourn my loss
for it is life
that’s a ring toss

Some win the prize
of many long years
they spend in laughter
between all the tears

And much too early
do others move on
for all time is short
before it is gone

So maybe it’s just
the Irish in me
that desires at death
you throw a party

But then again I would
to be honest and true
have to admit the reason
why I want this from you

Is because I know
what up there awaits
when the time arrives
to enter heaven’s gates

And the joy that
I will have there
has nothing on earth
with which to compare

So dance ’til it hurts
that when you do cry
it won’t be for me
or it would be a lie

‘Cause I will be dancing
with you up there too
and  all of the angels
in my life anew!!

Teresa Marie  12/15/11  ©

4 thoughts on “Dance ‘Til It Hurts

  1. There’s something about how dancing is profound in Heaven. I can’t imagine how beautiful the dancing could be up there. But I sure know I would like to be a part of it. God bless you for this poem, Terri.

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