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All the things I have seen                                        

All the places I have been                                       

All the things that came between                         

All the times my slate wiped clean                       

All the things I didn’t mean                                      

All the times on You I lean                                       

All my mistakes since a teen

All the drugs from which to ween

All the days with hands unclean

All the sins I left unseen

All the seedy place I shouldn’t have been

 Since my life did once begin

 With my childhood left therein

Coins in my cup of tin

 As You took away my sin

Where would I ever try to begin

That peace be found there within

Attempts for recognition among the din

A life of freedom there to win 

Stacked a mile on head of a pin

My soul contains them there in

Those things that led me into sin

Made excuses for it all

Every time I dropped the ball

The many times to me You’d call

When to answer I would stall

Then You weren’t my all-in-all

What I did must You appall

That I did have such a gall

With my back against the wall

Never on my knees would crawl

Until I took a massive fall

And made to You my final call!

Teresa Marie  12/18/11 ©

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