Painted Horse

(image source: Becca Givens)

Milly the painted horse
found in a day’s course

While she spoke with Myrtle
being herself a painted turtle

Relayed as a matter of fact
that she’d recently been attacked

When a bird in the air
down upon her did bear

Attempting to steal her Sady
the sweet little painted baby

Whom upon her back she carry
while Sady was eating a berry 

But Myrtle, ever so wise,
then upon little Sady dives

And as it she did tell
the bird bounced off her shell

At which point in her discourse
did Milly the big painted horse

 Interrupt her then to say
with a whinny and neigh

“If it ever happens again
call out to me right then

And both of you I’ll shield
from being that birds meal

Because you’ve got a friend
on that you can depend!”

In my painted world alive
as a fantasy that I contrive

By what I found on vacation
that had pricked my imagination!

Teresa Marie  12/19/11  © 

Mellow Yellow Monday – 03

by becca givens

9 thoughts on “Painted Horse

    1. LOL! So glad you did! When I saw the picture that Becca took, I had to shoot her a message and request to use it, obviously she said yes – bless her heart! You are welcome again. I thought you’d like this one too but knew you would really like the other one 🙂

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