And Floaty Things

Butterflies and fairies and
all  floaty things

Are a fantasy made of
 in our imaginings

Where as marvelous as
they are magical

It doesn’t matter if
they are practical

For it’s all in
our mind’s eye

That these creatures
around us fly

Impish and teasing 
with us they toy

In our imagining 
of a whimsical joy

That only in the
heart of a child lay

When it is freed
just go out and play!

Teresa Marie  12/20/11  ©



2 thoughts on “And Floaty Things

  1. you should SO consider writing a childrens book, Terri! You have all the magic and imagination to light up the world! What a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing this with me! xoxoxoxoxox HUGS!!!!!!

    1. Thanks so much Kellie for the encouragement!! It is on my want list for next year as a matter of fact 🙂 I so want to do it for my grandchildren especially. You are most welcome too!!! xoxoxo HUGS back!

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