No Monsters Here

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When the “princess” Penny
banned monsters from living

In her fantasy kingdom
her rule was unforgiving

And she would often
go out on patrol

From the highest hill
and checking in every hole

Penny showed no tolerance
for a monster anywhere

Nor would show kindness
when finding any there

So when she happened
to come upon Benny

With a scowling face
did the “princess” Penny

Take a tight grip
there upon his tail

And the poor monster
let out a loud wail

“Right this very minute
I’m ordering you out!”

Did the mean ol’ Penny
at the shaken Benny shout!

For he hadn’t succeeded
very well to hide

As he wiped the tears
and his face dried

“Please your highest highness
if you allow me

I’ll be best protection
your kingdom could ever see!!”

Which gave the “princess”
another train of thought

And after a just minute
decided that she ought

So an agreement ’twas
made between the two

That Benny got to stay
for his whole life through!

Teresa Marie  12/21/11 ©

A lesson in tolerance and cooperation

2 thoughts on “No Monsters Here

  1. You are welcome to fill my wish jar anytime! This is such a sweet tale. Like I have said before, your knack for children’s literature is amazing and I encourage you to pursue this! By the way, I LOVE the new background. SO PRETTY!!!! Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones. Big hugs and well wishes to you all. ♥


    1. Thank you Kellie!!! I’m so sorry about your father-in-law, hope you got my fb message 😦 I think the reason for my “knack” is that when Sara was little, she would ask me at bedtime to make up a story for her. I’d ask her what she would want it to be about and then I’d wing it. She loved it and that would be our nightly ritual, read two short books and tell a story, lol! I’m trying some out here to see what response I get and then next year I am going to put more effort into pursuing publication. I would love to leave a legacy like that for my grandchildren 🙂 Holiday season has been a little stressful but I just told my children that our family side of it won’t be until sometime in Jan., which is okay with them because they are just a broke as we are. Oh well, it’s not the first time and probably not the last. Hope yours is a good as can be expected! Huge hugs, blessings and well wishes back, Terri

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