Joyous Celebration

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* On

Christmas Eve

in great celebration


we gather

together our family


Newborn King

of God’s creation


receive His

gift of eternity!

Teresa Marie  12/24/11 ©




3 thoughts on “Joyous Celebration

    1. Thanks David! I don’t mind; I was baptized and raised Catholic, although I am a non-practicing one, I still hold to many of their beliefs. I pretty much qualify myself as a non-denominational Christian but I do have a special heart for the Jewish people and respect Judaism as the roots of my faith. Does that make sense?

  1. Yes. I grew up in the Baptist church and later in my senior year of high school joined the Seventh-day Adventist church. I already had the impression that you were a Christian yet your Torah Portion post’s suggested a Jewish heritage so now I know where you are coming from when I read your poems and Torah Portion posts. 🙂

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