Barrier Between

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‘Twas the craziest thing
that I’d ever seen
when there had appeared
a barrier in between

A world of magic
and then this one
where pixies and fairies
were frolicking in fun

I tried touching to
see what it’d do
in the hopes maybe
I could pass through

But, alas, ’twas there
I could not go
to this other world
that I didn’t know

Which only served to
make me so sad
it was only a
fantasy to be had

As I watched those
little imps in play
wanting just to be
a child for a day

And let my imagination
carry me there to
the place in adulthood
I no longer knew

So the decision I
made in the end
was I’m not too old
for “let’s play pretend!”

Teresa Marie  12/26/11 ©

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