Life is a Battlefield

Life is a battlefield
that awaits us all

From the day we’re born
’til unto death we fall

Whatever is that lies
there in the between

May only day-to-day
by anyone be seen

Whether in a skirmish
or a full-out war

We are all fighting
to gain a little more

More money, more cars
more homes, more land

With wealth and prestige
comes the upper hand

Yes, life is a battlefield
that if we don’t win

‘Tis the time that may
our hell on earth begin

For the ultimate goal of
war is land and money

Fought over piles of dirt
and all the bees honey

 This is how our society
from sea to shining sea

Has always been taught
is the way to be

But I must truly say
I’ve thrown my greedy lots

Trying to bridge the gap
between the have’s and have-nots

When I found myself
worse off than before

For money’s not the thing
that someone should adore

The battles that we fight
one into another blur

Until our life is gone
and I think you may concur

If we put that effort
rather into family and friend

We’ll actually be the richest
of all in the end!

Teresa Marie  12/29/11  © 

10 thoughts on “Life is a Battlefield

  1. What a wicked pic! Good choice!
    Beautiful thoughts I see in this work of art.
    And at the finishing line you were outstanding! 🙂

    Wishing you much peace, love, and joy in 2012! Uncle Tree

  2. word which rhyme and reason you share
    these words are of wisdom and truth
    that we all share
    this is life till we do and die
    a fight we must take untill
    we fall and cry.

    great poem Theresa you hit the nail right on the head
    from kevin well done again.

  3. wooww!! So brilliant, so deep, life is a battlefield, and just as you are about to win it, something tips you over and you have to start all over again.. love the poem.. 🙂

      1. Well you know that I wish for you the best year ever!! With much peace, love, joy and millions of blessings! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox 😉

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