I believe that ugly
is a bad word

And should be one
that is never heard

When beauty’s in the
eye of the beholder

And given to each
by the pottery Molder

Who are we to
ever judge someone

According to the work
that He has done?

For the beauty that
the world does see

Is not the definition
of what’s in me

When of being ugly
you have been accused

It is a form
of being abused

And who is society
the standard to set

On the gage of 
beauty to be met?

If you can’t see
how unique and rare

That God made me
then I don’t care!

Teresa Marie  1/1/12 ©

For all of those “unattractive” people out there,
“you are so beautiful to me!”



2 thoughts on “Ugly

  1. It is the hardest concept for the human mind to wrap itself around, that people just are what they are. It is a long life of comparison, good and bad, fast and slow, smart and dumb, beautiful and ugly. I like to think I try not to judge. I think I, like everyone, fail miserably.

    This one got me thinking. Thanks for that.


    1. You are most welcome Tim!! I think we all fail to one degree or another because we are programmed by what we see and hear every day. Shouldn’t be that way though. One thing I like about the internet is that you get to know people without have “looks” to form your opinion of them 🙂 Blessings and best wishes for the new year, Terri


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