How Ever?

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How ever do I say

my love for you today

and do it in a way

the depth of it convey?

How ever do I show

the breath it did grow

from a few years ago

that you will truly know?

How ever do I make

you sure I won’t forsake

the vows I did take

before we cut the cake?

How ever will you see

in this life of mortality

what you mean to me

when you are my reality?

The best that I can do

is every day telling you

and pray you see it too

for, baby, how I love you!!

Teresa Marie  1/3/11 ©

For my husband, my soul mate, my heart!

5 thoughts on “How Ever?

    1. Thank you Eric! The longer you stick around, the more you will see my love poems to my husband. He deserves every word and more! 🙂 Blessings, Terri


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