This Day’s Thought From Monday & Tuesday

This Day's Thought

Prayer Requests

If we work upon marble, it will perish,
If, on brass, time will efface it;
If we rear temples they will crumble in the dust,
But if we work upon immortal minds and endue them with principles,
With the just fear of God and the love of our fellowmen,
We engrave on those tablets something that will brighten all eternity.

Daniel Webster

This Day's Verse

The LORD is a stronghold for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.

Psalm 9:9
The English Standard Version

This Day's Smile

Dr. Wilfred Grenfell, the missionary doctor of Labrador, was a cynical young medical student in London when Dwight L. Moody went there to preach.  Said Grenfell of Moody: “When Mr. Moody finished his sermon, I resolved either to drop religion entirely or else make a real effort to do what Christ would do if He were in my place.  With a mother like mine, that resolve could only have one outcome.  So, beginning that night, I started doing what I thought Christ would do if He were a young doctor in London.”

Wilfred Grenfell

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This Day's Thought

Prayer Requests

Life is a glorious opportunity, if it is used to condition us for eternity.  If we fail in this, though we succeed in everything else, our life will have been a failure.  There is no escape for the man who squanders his opportunity to prepare to meet God.

Billy Graham

This Day's Verse

Even when we are too weak to have any faith left, he remains faithful to us and will help us, for he cannot disown us who are part of himself, and he will always carry out his promises to us.

2 Timothy 2:13
The Living Bible

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