30 Day Letter Writing Challenge – Letter 2; Husband

What can I ever say
I’ve not said before

About the one man
that I love and adore

God sent you back
’cause I needed you more

Than the heaven that
you were aching for

My heart’s forever yours
my darling, my dear

And of that one fact
let me be perfectly clear

Whenever the end of
our lives grows near

Together we’ll be in
the next no fear

 But now just because
you float my boat

It does not mean  
that you can gloat

Yes, I am kidding
you smart old goat

When all my love
to you I devote!

Teresa Marie  1/15/12  ©


(I had to add the last stanza because my darling husband was being ficious when I was reading this to him and suggested a line like – And to me it is clear, I deserve to drink a beer – to which I added – All because my little dear, I had to put up with you here!  Smarty pants, lol!!)


4 thoughts on “30 Day Letter Writing Challenge – Letter 2; Husband

    1. Yes, Kevin, that is us! I’m glad you like the picture and poem, it was fun to collaborate on it, lol! Mark has his witty lines to add at times 🙂 Blessings, Terri


    1. Thanks Lynn!! He may be an old goat, but he’s my handsome old goat!!! lol. I’m glad that you enjoyed it 🙂 Mark liked getting his two sense in on it too!! hugs, Terri


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