Lovely Blogger Award

Oh my goodness, Zoey & Gabby, I almost forgot about this.  

Please forgive me!

My two wonderful friends nominated me for this award
a couple of days ago and I completely spaced it out!!


Thank you so much to:

I will have to put some thought into who
I will pass this one along to but I wanted to
first get this acknowledgement done and
send my thanks to my girls, you’re the best!  

Hugs, Terri


6 thoughts on “Lovely Blogger Award

    1. Hi Soma! thank you also for the nomination! You are one of my “girls” too!! I wanted to thank you for being so quick to respond to my call for love letters to Abi!!!! I saw what you wrote and it was just lovely. I don’t know about me being a angel, lol! But I do thank you from the bottom of my heart 🙂 God bless and lots of hugs, Terri

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