30 Day Letter Writing Challenge; Letter 4 – Sibling

So now is the time
for my brother Hugh

That in the family
is known as hubedoo

It truly is a blessings
that we still have you

After everything last year that
you had to go through

In that short time ago
you were pronounced to die

And it was on God
that we did rely

When the family did
our prayers to heaven cry

To please delay you from
having to say goodbye

Just thinking of it and
how the doctors now say

That only by a miracle
is there any way

You are here in
such good health today

And it’s looking like
you’re here to stay

Declaring that I love you
would be putting it mild

You’ll always be “big brother”
to this younger child

As every little girl knows
our brothers stand apart

And my dearest Hugh
you’re special to my heart

Teresa Marie  1/17/12 ©



9 thoughts on “30 Day Letter Writing Challenge; Letter 4 – Sibling

    1. Thank you Lynn! My brother is a miracle healing too, just like me, and we are truly blessed to still have him here. I’m getting ready to tell Kellie about it, you want to hear the story? Just let me know 🙂 hugs, Terri


    1. He had liver cancer 6 years ago, received a transplant and had been cancer free ever since. Then about 18 months ago he was given a medication by a doctor at the hospital that he should NEVER have been prescribed having had a transplant and it caused his body to start rejecting his successfully transplanted liver that he had never had any previous problems with. The doctors did everything that they could to stop the rejection process but failed. And Christmas before last they didn’t expect him to make it passed that. but my family and I weren’t giving up and I sent prayer request out all over the country and had ministries praying for him from here to the Jerusalem Wall, some of the 24/7. I gave him a copy of the 91 Psalm and told him to read it out loud every morning and evening before he went to bed. that is the power of prayer and faith!! He is as close to 100% as he can get now and we look forward to having him with us for many years to come 🙂 Thanks for asking. God bless, Terri

      1. water stood in my eyes as i read this… God really heard your prayers. Warm regards to you and your family especially to your brother!

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