I Was A Frog

Dreamed one night
I was a frog

Living out in
a celery bog

Came swimming out
from under a log

In the dim light
of heavy fog


Re-deep was all
that I could say

As I swam
along the way

When to a fish
I became the prey

Fighting to live
for another day


The only thing
left  to do

Was to hide
from his view

So that log
I crawled onto

As he swam on
I thought “whew!”


Then I woke up
from that crazy dream

With a big jump
and a re-deep scream

‘Twas to me
it did seem

A frog’s life
isn’t peaches & cream!

 Teresa Marie  1/19/12 ©




4 thoughts on “I Was A Frog

    1. LOL! me too 🙂 I’ve had this picture for a while now and when I saw it today, something just clicked and that’s what I came up with, then it sounded familiar in some way. yeah, weird huh? hugs, mom


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