Nun – A-Z Alphabet Challenge; N-Archives

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N is for nun
I’ve known a few

Being raised a Catholic
I’ve known priests too

From them I learned
of the Golden Rule

Grades one through twelve
spent at Catholic school

Some were the nicest
that you’ve ever seen

While others I thought
were down right mean

But that was in
a child’s point of view

When probably in trouble
for what I did do

But to be serious
just for a minute

I truly do admire them 
for what they put in it

They give of their life
to follow the Son

No greater thing could
by someone be done!

Teresa Marie  1/19/12 ©



3 thoughts on “Nun – A-Z Alphabet Challenge; N-Archives

  1. lol, that picture looks more like a naughty nun!! 😀 but i know what you mean, to be a nun you have to have sever willpower and the calling. You have to be willing to devote your life to being a nun. I knew a woman when i was younger, she was my mother’s friend and she was a nun, for a long time her life was complete, she loved being a nun and being devoted. But after a while she started wanting to have children, and as we know, nuns cant get married and have children, so it took her a very long time to make the decision, moving back and forth and asking for my mother’s advice until she finally realized that the simple fact that she is doubting being a nun was the decision made for her. And now she has been married for a bout 9 years and happily has 4 kids.. 😀

    1. I know that a lot of that is happening within the church. I think they should have different types of priests and nun with some orders being allowed to marry and others not. Then they could choose which order they wanted to belong in or transfer if they changed their minds and that way they wouldn’t be losing all of their vocational people. Did that make sense? lol. But, yes, I thought so too about the picture. I came from a costume site I think, lolol! hugs, Terri


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