Babysitting On Gumdrop River

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With mamaw and papaw babysitting
for the kids one night

Before their eyes they saw
the most tragic of sight

As they were all gazing
up at the starlit sky

And pretending into it
they would up and fly

‘Twas then that the moon
from out of it fell

Which left them standing there
aghast for just a spell

And so ’twas they decided
to sail down gumdrop river 

To retrieve that fallen moon
which was but a sliver

When it was not far
this little troop had gone

Down the darkened waters
sailing on a swan

They did come to find
what they were searching for

And lifted up that sliver
of moon to sky restore

As the children still awake
all shouted out in glee

That they’d be the heroes
to go down in history 

While mamaw and papaw smiled
at the children’s joyous glow

A memory for all time
  e’re that they would know

As they turned the swan around
and headed back for home

They discussed of what adventures
over which the world to comb!

Teresa Marie  1/20/12 ©


2 thoughts on “Babysitting On Gumdrop River

  1. As a babysitter i found this poem very lovely, kids are love these type of poems, i also use this poems during my babysitting jobs.
    Thanks….. MEO

    1. Thanks and you’re welcome. I have a whole slew of them, feel free to browse through the category labeled fantasy, fairy tales and children’s stories. blessings, Terri

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