Going Silly

(image source: photobucket.com)

I thought my eyes 
were going sorta silly

When I saw rising
up from a lily

Beauty of the morning
a water nymph divine

Feeling it must be
a fantasy of mine

 Or playing tricks on me
could have been the light

 I watched in wonder’s gaiety
as she took off in flight

Twisting and turning around
spinning cartwheels in air

She was the grandest vision
that I had seen anywhere

While I hid from sight
in the bushes tucked away

I found myself wishing
I could stay all day

But mother was calling
which the nymph heard

And so I backed up
not uttering a word

Smiling I skipped home
already planning my return

With hopes the trip would
another sighting of her earn!

Teresa Marie  1/23/12  © 


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