Celebration – Haiku

(image source: photobucket.com)

Celebration of

life is found in us doing

the thing that we love


Teresa Marie 1/27/12 © 


4 thoughts on “Celebration – Haiku

  1. hmm ive never written haiku before maybe ill give it a shot. is it me or does a haiku poem make a lot more sense?? also terri where do u get these images?? i had an image in mind for my latest poem but i couldnt find anything. even after searching for an hour.

    1. Go at the top of my page and click on image sources – there is a whole list of them there. Have fun 🙂 A Haiku consists of three lines 1: 5 syllables 2: 7 syllables 3: 5 syllables Try it out, it’s fun. A Hay(na)ku is 3 lines with one word, then two, then three. They are fun as well. You can string the along in paragraphs to make a longer poem if you like as well. hugs, Terri


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