Free Write Friday; Cash in a Box

You are cleaning out your attic when you find an old dusty box you’ve never noticed before. You open it to find stacks of hundred dollar bills and a note that says, “Here’s your cut, see you in Mexico”. There is no signature. Start writing whatever floods your mind at this thought and tell me a story…

Oh, Aunt Sadie
what have you done?

Is this the reason
that you had run?

What is it now
I’m supposed to do?

Who is it coming
to look for you?

What do I say
when they arrive?

Was there a story
you did contrive?

How could you ever
do this to me?

This money didn’t come
to you for free

And now I’m left
holding the bag

While into your mess
others you drag

Without a thought
but for yourself alone

Well guess what
I’m taking it for my own!

Teresa Marie 2/3/12 ©

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