Ghostly Song Pi-Ku

Her ghostly
echoes through trees
the marrow of  bones 
floating along the summer night’s breeze
heard by
the gentle soul chilling
causing them to freeze
a moment

Teresa Marie  2/4/12 ©

I picked this up from Becca Givens;

“On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea”

*    This is my first attempt to write in Pi-Ku form.  I chose the long version.

According to Some Novel Ideas Blog (classroom curriculum) on activities to celebrate National Pi Day 3-14 … “So, what is Piku?, it’s a poem of sorts, like a haiku.  But instead of the 5-7-5 format of haiku, Piku uses pi as its base.  The number of syllables in each line of the poem corresponds to the numbers in pi.  In other words, as pi is 3.141592653 …, the first line of the Piku contains three syllables, the second line contains one syllable, the third line contains four syllables … “  If using this formula for Pi-Ku, the total number of syllables is 39. Other sources – use only the first 3 lines … 3 syllables for the first line, 1 syllable for the second line and 4 syllables for the third.

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