With My Apologies To Anyone Slighted

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I just wanted to take a moment to apologize to anyone that I may have slighted in the last few days.  I know that I failed to return visits and I feel awful when I do that 😦

I have been sick for the last week in varying degrees.  I have slept a lot, ran a fever, felt better, got sicker, and now I hope to be back on the upswing.  That’s my prayer anyway.

It is the pits when you don’t have much of an immune system.  Between the damage it received from my thyroid problems 10 years ago (it was enlarged 2x the normal size and producing hormones at twice the levels) and the MS (which is an autoimmune type of disease where the immune system attacks your own body instead of the infection), I don’t heal well.

I know that when I do get well, I will have to go back through to see what I may have missed and maybe even re-read what I have posted, lol.  That’s pretty crazy but true.  

Anyway, I hope to be back to some form of normal in the next few days – that is to say “normal” as I get 🙂

Peace and blessings,


13 thoughts on “With My Apologies To Anyone Slighted

    1. Thanks Madeline!! I appreciate the thoughts and your visit! I’ll be checking in with you tomorrow, if I can remember to 🙂 Blessings, Terri


    1. Thanks David!! Me too 😦 I’m sick of being sick. I miss Sara too, she’s been staying in town with a friend so that she can get to school. hugs, Terri

    1. Thanks Sweetheart!!! You are always so nice to me and I do so appreciate it! I going to give up and go to the doctor tomorrow ’cause I’m just not getting over this and I think it has moved into my ears now. I probably need some antibiotics 😦 Oh well, better catch it before it moves any further!! I won’t overdo, I’ve been sleeping A LOT! hugs, Terri


  1. OMG – have you been peaking in my doctors medical file.
    I, too, have a compromised immune system. I have been
    diagnosed with Hashimoto and am being monitored for MS.
    It seems to run in my family. Several of my nieces and one
    sister have it already. I am constantly sick. It does get to be
    a bit much but I never think too much about it as I am still
    here to enjoy my life.
    I hope you feel better real soon. Cuddle up with your favorite
    blanket and pillow – it’s what I do.

    1. lol! Thanks Izzy, that’s what I have been doing for the last week too!!! I gave up today and went to the Urgent Care and I have bronchitis and ear infections 😦 Mark said one of these days I’m gonna fool around and kill myself with pneumonia! Not so funny. I have to be more vigilant about that but I get so sick of doctors sometimes. I guess ’cause I used to have to go see one or another every month and now that I don’t have to, I wait too long, ugh! I don’t know what Hashimoto is, what is that, if you don’t mind me asking? MS is not fun, though. Have they got you on shots yet? If not, press for them as soon as you can get on them. They have kept me in remission for 5+ years now 🙂 blessings, Terri

      1. Hashimoto is an auto immune disease. Your thryoid does not produce any thyroxine. This chemica regulates your body function like – metabolism, body heat and cold reactions, etc.
        Lack of it makes your body kill all antibodies causing you to have an inability to fight infections of any kind.
        You are always tired and feel sick a lot. Any infections or illnesses could be dangerous. This is a general explanation. You can read up on it at Web-Md. I don’t have the MS yet. So they are not treating me. I do have severe clotting though. I am always in the hospital having them disolved. The blood thinners don’t seem to help. When they are really bad I have to be hospitalized. I have a home testing machine to use and to test my numbers so they aren’t too severe. I would not look at a cold or bronchitis lightly. I had bronchitis last year ( on Valentine’s Day) and had to go to the hospital. I was there over 10 days. I now have a breathing machine. No – I never smoked. Just part of the clot problems that went to my lungs. You can die from pneumonia so please take care and rest.
        No – I didn’t mind that you asked.
        Blessings to you … be well ..
        Izzy xoxo

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