ABC Award – Thank You

I would like to thank Celeste of  Mortal hearts with immortal souls for nominating me for this award.  Celeste is a dear soul and I am sure that you will benefit from visiting her blog.

Acceptance of this award includes the following:

1. Thank the person who nominated you

2. There is no limit to how many fellow bloggers you can nominate so go crazy

3. Share some things about you but alphabetically just a word or two about you starting with each alphabet. (Or alternatively, just write    the first word you think of.)

A- affectionate
B- boisterous
C- creative
D- dill pickles
E- entertaining
F- flighty
G- giving
H- honest
I- inventive
J- jelly beans
K- kind
L- laughter
M- motherly
N- nice
O- open
P- popcorn
Q- quirky
R- real
S- soulful
T- tenacious
U- unique
V- verbal
W- writer
X- extrovert
Y- yellow submarine
Z-  zeppelin

and I nominate the following blogs that are well deserving of this award as well:

This list could go on and on, there are so many of you wonderful bloggers out there that I hold in high esteem.  I tried this time to pick different people than the ones I’ve chosen before.  Just wanted to try to spread it around a little.

Congratulation to all of you.  If your blog is not on here, please – please take no offense!  If I had more energy, I would have gone further but I’m still sick and don’t want to pressure myself into doing more 😦 than what I feel able to handle right now.

Love to all,

18 thoughts on “ABC Award – Thank You

    1. Hi Randall!! Thank you so much, you guys are gonna make me cry with your compliments 🙂 I do so appreciate them. and I’m so happy to see you back after such a long break!!!! Welcome back my friend! smiles and hugs, Terri


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