When your feeling sad and life is lonely for you – Reblog

Posted on 18/01/2012

When your feeling sad and life is lonely for you

don’t just sit there and cry shedding tears for two

think off something that would put a smile on your face

go and get it be part of the human race

when life feels lost and your feeling down

have a nice cuppa and gaze all around

and when darkness has set in it’s just the end

and test we must all go through

the conclusion of a part of life

and the start of something new

life can be full of hope and lots of happiness

it what you make of it so take a chance today

so don’t be worried and don’t be sad

because god made you special

and something special will come you way

just be patient and wait and see

for happiness will soon return to thee

and when it does the sun will shine on you

with a spring in your step

you will laugh and joke and say

bring it on life let’s go and play

do your worst life you wont upset me

my sadness has past i am as happy as can be

i am no longer sad and lonely

upset and angry for you

ive come through life’s little test

and i am smiling for you.

To see more of Kevin’s poems, go here: http://myheartsingspoetry.wordpress.com/

4 thoughts on “When your feeling sad and life is lonely for you – Reblog

    1. Yes, I thought so too when Kevin sent it to me 🙂 very thoughtful of him to want to share it with my friends. Thanks Izzy for the comment,


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