30 Day Letter Writing Challenge; Letter 13 — Someone you wish could forgive you

*image source: google.com/images

I have a sister
who despises me
Over what is
ancient history

And treats my family
with utter contempt
From her own past
seems she is exempt

To my loving husband
she’s never spoken
Though I must say
his heart isn’t broken

He looks at her
in the same way
That she views me
with open display

It bothers the others
more than does me
Because of this one
thought I do carry

When there does come
her judgement’s time
Whose will God see
as the greater crime

Those sins I’ve committed
done in my past
Though they were seen
as plenty and vast

Or the one that
she repeats every day
when no forgiveness
is shown my way?

And yet I wish
she would at least try
For my parents sake
before the both die!

Teresa Marie  2/18/12 © 




4 thoughts on “30 Day Letter Writing Challenge; Letter 13 — Someone you wish could forgive you

    1. Yes, them most certainly do! Like I said in the poem, it bothers my kids more than it does me. The thing that I get upset about is when she is blatantly rude to my husband who has done nothing to her except marry me!! Maybe she’s just jealous, but her husband is a great guy too. I don’t think about it much though, except when I’m prompted to, lol! Thanks for the comment, Karen!!! Blessings, Terri


    1. Thank you Lynn! I appreciate the thought, though I don’t see much hope of it. I really don’t let it bother me too much 🙂 hugs, Terri


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