Queenly Perversions of Privilege – This Week’s Picture It & Write

Itsy bitsy spider.  All of the same species: the spider with the dotted back and tiger-striped legs. I wasn’t sure why the grand Countess of our kingdom required so many. Once I had collected the spiders required, I returned back to the palace of the Countess. I walked to the counter but something caught my eye. People were bustling about in the next room. Curiosity gripped me and I peeked within. The Countess was draped in the most dazzling, exotic and haunting gown I had ever witnessed. The dress was inky blank, spotted with starry-white and her sleeves and neckline were adorned with what appeared to be ribbons of obsidian and honey-gold. My jaw dropped in the splendor of the design. The colours appeared to shift like a kaleidoscope. Suddenly, I started to feel sick. The web of doubt tangled my thoughts, made my throat sticky and my stomach heavy. Realization clenched my heart with eight legs. The dress… It…It was writhing.

– Ermisenda Alvarez

*image source: google.com/images


__picture it & write

by Ermilia

6 thoughts on “Queenly Perversions of Privilege – This Week’s Picture It & Write

    1. LOL! You and me both David!! Let alone have it crawling all over you 😦 Gave me the shivers to think of it! Thanks for the comment! blessings, Terri


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