Been Sick, Still Sick, Sick of Being Sick!

Hi everybody!  Sorry for inundating you with posts today, but I have been playing catch up!  I’ve been sick, am still sick and sick of being sick!  I do believe it is just a minor MS flair up of symptoms and not a full blown attack.  I have been sleeping A LOT, which is okay because our bodies repair themselves during our sleep, right?!  So, please forgive me if I have missed answering any of your comments or not visited you back of late 😦  It was definitely not intentional!!

I do believe that I am on the mend, but not quite there yet.  I have run out of steam for now and will be back with you all tomorrow, I hope and pray!!

With love,



14 thoughts on “Been Sick, Still Sick, Sick of Being Sick!

    1. Thanks RJ!! I have been doing just that too 🙂 I felt well enough today to play catch up for a while ’cause I hate getting so backed up, OCD, lol! God bless, Terri

    1. thanks Izzy!! I am feeling much better, the sun is shining, letting fresh air inside, the temperature is in the 70’s and a springtime love has brightened my mood!! I went outside, ran some errands and came home to see that all of my daffodils are bloomed in front of the house!!!!! Yea! I do so appreciate your thoughts and prayers 🙂 hugs, Terri


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  2. Dear Terri, I have not been active lately and sorry I just saw this, hope you are better not. God bless, whatever happens, health is more important, dont worry about us! Take care and please see a doctor to get extra attention if its gets worst which I doubt it wont, see ya soon! – Nizam

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