LOLOL! Had to Share This One From My Ornery Mother

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 Shot my first turkey yesterday!

          SCROLL DOWN

 Scared the shit out of everyone in the frozen food section…….. 

It was awesome!

Getting old is so much fun….


11 thoughts on “LOLOL! Had to Share This One From My Ornery Mother

      1. In all honesty, my mom wouldn’t know what to do with a gun, remember, she is the panickier,lol! Now me, that’s a different story 🙂 When I was talking about the tornado and taking the bearded dragons to the basement with me, Mark told me later that he should have reminded me to get the guns down there too! lol, leave it to a man to think of his guns in a tornado, ha-ha-ha!

      1. HHhahaha … I always said I had some Irish in me. My best friend when I was growing up was Irish. They had the best funerals. I know that sounds terrible but as a little girl I was afraid of funerals until I went to one of her family members. They had just come over from Ireland so they had the accent and lots of priests and nuns in their house. Her brothers were priests and her sister and aunt were nuns. She was an ooopppsy birth so she was years younger then them.
        Well … in a few days we’ll be celebrating our holiday.
        Happy Leprchaun searching to you …!!! ~~~~ : – )

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