short-story-slam-week-21; Sweet Dance

6 thoughts on “short-story-slam-week-21; Sweet Dance

  1. I loved this Terri! And I have to say that every time I read something about romance I equate it with my parents and their life long love affair. They loved each other through the last moment of my father’s life and my mother loved him until the day she died. He always called her his reyna (queen) and he was her rey prieto (her dark king. My dad had very dark skin) or her chato (she loved his juicy cheeks. LOL!). He sang to her everywhere, didn’t matter where they were and even after his lungs had gotten so bad and he was on oxygen, he managed to sing to her between each gasp of breath, but to her he sang more beautifully than Placido Domingo. I’d come home from work or school and would find them dancing in the kitchen or the living room and I was always so proud to have parents that loved each other so much even unto death.
    You did a wonderful job with such a short poem that it was able to bring back these wonderful memories. Thank you! Be blessed.

    1. Aw, thank you for sharing that with me, Elizena, and the compliment!! You are most welcome too 🙂 Be blessed as well and I will visit you back soon. Right now my dad is in the hospital and I am somewhat distracted for now 😦 Terri


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