Not For Sale; Pulling The Plug Today!


Pull the plug

by frizztext

2 thoughts on “Not For Sale; Pulling The Plug Today!

    1. Well, I would have liked to go back to home schooling but the court doesn’t want me to do that and since we don’t have the final custody order yet (still on probation), the best I can do is get her out of the city schools and put her into the county school where my husband graduated. He didn’t turn out so bad 🙂 I did mean that plus some of the shows that her dad let her watch are not allowed at my house; her internet time is kept short; all that crappy music she was listening to isn’t allowed at my house; etc.

      I did see your new one in my e-mails, just haven’t got there yet to read it but will soon! Thanks Charlie! blessings, Terri


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