An Urgent Prayer Request For My Best Friend

Many of you have already read a poem or two about my best friend Penny, some of you newer followers have not.

I am asking for prayers to be said on her behalf as the situation has become more desperate than we thought.

Penny has diabetes.  At the same time that I was struck with my MS she had triple bypass surgery.  Since that time, she had to have bypass surgery in both her legs to restore the blood flow or she was facing amputation.

This has been repeated 3 times in one leg, the third time being just two weeks ago.  I was upset when I found out that she had a golf ball sized aneurism on the vein and had to wait 4 days for the surgery to take place, but I got over that when it all went well and she was healing very nicely.

Two days ago, she told me that she had a knot in her groin area where the surgery was and had to get hold of the doctor to see what he said about it.  Yesterday I found out they had admitted her to the hospital on Thursday evening.  They released her last night to go home for the weekend.  There is blockage in the new vein, it split open the incision area, there is very little blood flow to her foot but just enough to keep in from immediate danger of losing it.  Monday, her doctor will be back in town to consult with her but we both believe that he will be sending her to the specialist at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis to have this whole procedure done again!!!

I am less than thrilled with all these events.  She is worried more than I have ever seen her in the entire time that I have known her, over a dozen years now.  She is not only worried about the possibility of amputation but also the risk to her life of these two surgeries so close together with her other health problems.

Please join with me in prayer for her and keep her in your prayers for the next week at least.  I will update you further as soon as we know what is going on!!

I thank you with all my heart,



15 thoughts on “An Urgent Prayer Request For My Best Friend

    1. Thanks Autumn! I am stressed out to the max between my aunt and now my best friend! I appreciate it and I know that Penny appreciates it so much!! I called and read her the poem that I wrote since she doesn’t have the internet and she cried, I cried and now it’s all in God’s hands for them both. Love and hugs, Terri


    1. Rich (that’s my father’s name ), thank you so very much for the prayers!!! Each one that is sent heaven’s way is a blessing and may He bless you as well, Terri

  1. I hesitated to “Like” this post but I wanted to let you know that I “Like” how caring and loving you are of your friend. It is a difficult situation for her. I will keep her in my prayers and wish for a successful recovery.
    Blessings to you and to her …..

    1. Thanks Izzy!! She is truly one of the best people I have ever had in my life and I appreciate it your prayers so much, as I know she will as well!!!!!! Blessing to you and yours, Terri


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