Dedicated to Gunner Jones and the millions of other children who are bullied every day in this world.  May God bless them every one!!!


8 thoughts on “Bully

    1. lol! Not too bad I hope 🙂 I thought it was a pretty good depiction of how the person being bullied feels though! smiles, Terri


  1. The image is fearful but needed for the subject. As an adult, I was recently bullied. In December to be exact. I cowered down, too. As an adult, I cowered down. Afterwards, I thought of all the things I should have said and the nerve of these people but I let it happen. I regret it. As an adult, I let it happen. It must be a huge hill for kids to climb. You said it well, Terri.
    Blessings …

    1. Oh Izzy!! I’m so sorry that happened to you. As an adult, I cowered down for 13 years and carried the guilt and shame of it for years after I escaped. When I finally did get away, I got the opportunity to treat that person the same way that they treated me and their comment was “you make me feel like I’m 2 inches tall!” I laughed and said back “now you know how I felt all those years, live with it!” Kind of mean of me but I still held a lot of rage back then. I told Sara that I would not be her age again for a million dollars. It is so sad to me that this bullying thing has become so wide spread. I told her that she has to stand up to these cowards that are bullying her recently and by her courage, they will be stopped 😦 Easier said than done though. It took me 13 years to find my courage. Thanks for sharing that with me dear friend!!! hugs and love, Terri


      1. Bullying has become a huge epidemic. I would never have survived in high school. I met my husband in high school and always felt he was there if anyone would try to push me around. It was a tough high school. Coming from a Catholic school, it was a shock. This man who verbally attacked me at an art show I was at judging was just a mean person. I always try to take the high road and ignore it. I know that being aggressive back is useless with a bully. They think that they are stronger when in reality they are weak and scared. Sometimes, I think there should be a counseling room in schools to help kids navigate aorund the many issues that we as children may not have encountered … or … maybe, we did. I agree with you – I sure wouldn’t want to be a student or young adolescent bow. I pray that Sara continues to stay strong. Blessings to you both …. Isadora

      2. Thanks Izzy! Having been abused by this man, both myself and Sara ’cause it’s her dad, we know what a bully is like and she had the courage to tell on him and stand up to him, so I’m sure she will find that same courage again with the support of Mark, her siblings and myself. I also was picked on during my elementary years in a Catholic school and cowered down to them 😦 Never again, and I don’t ever say never but in this case I will. I know that rage that I once felt will come right back up to the surface in a case like this – I’ve experienced it a couple of times since and it wasn’t pretty, but I felt no guilt about it either 🙂 Being schooled to turn the other cheek, take the high road, etc. doesn’t work with a bully, it just feeds them, I think. I don’t think God or Jesus expects us to be a doormat for people either. It’s sad that this friend of hers committed suicide to get away from his bullies and I will be having a chat with the Principle when Spring Break is over as it just happened last Friday and I had no chance to talk to him afterwards.
        Blessings and love to you Izzy,

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