Picture It & Write 21; No How, No Way!



As a child I never understood the fascination of the game, hide and seek. The pressure of having to find a good hiding spot always made me anxious. What if my hiding spot wasn’t good enough? I would have to be the searcher, a position no one wanted. If my hiding spot was too good, would the other children forget about me and leave? I tried to put my own thoughts away as I played the game with the child I was babysitting.

Maria was a good player and I had been searching for ten minutes without success. An automatic thought was triggered: What if she sneaked out? I started to panic. I ran into the living room. She wasn’t there. I ran into the dining room. She wasn’t there. I ran up the stairs. My heart stopped. Her legs could be seen beneath the curtain, splayed. I threw back the curtain forcefully. Her eyes were open, haunting.

– Ermisenda Alvarez




8 thoughts on “Picture It & Write 21; No How, No Way!

  1. when i played hide and seek as a child, i spent so much time trying to find the perfect place to hide, that i never made it to hiding and was always an easy target to find, lol

    1. lol!! That’s too funny, Terry!! I was pretty good at hiding but I really never enjoyed that game very much. I liked playing kick the can and kick soccer the most 🙂


  2. Thanks for contributing this week to Picture it & write, Terri! I loved how you turned my short story into one that was comical. Phew! Thankfully she was just playing a trick. I am excited to read more interpretations to the ending. Lovely work as per usual!

    – Ermisenda

    1. Thanks Ermi!! I was conflicted on which way to go with it but I had posted several serious poem for the day so I opted for the lighthearted approach 🙂 Glad you liked it! smiles, Terri

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