I am having fun going back and reblogging some of my older stuff! I hope you are enjoying them as well 😉

What about God?

Lord, send us Your angels please
to fight and save Your way
before all wickedness and disease
find a place to stay.

Jealousy has reared its head
searching out this age,
damn it back to hell instead,
lock it in a cage!

Stop it from instilling doubt,
whispering in our ear,
making us scream and shout
at those we hold so dear.

It truly is the devil’s ploy,
at tool that he does use
to tear apart and to destroy
and to thoroughly confuse.

Love is what sets us free
a seed for us to sow
and spread across land and sea
for all the world to know.

This would be the very end
of Satan’s long-planned war
that he has, you can depend,
brought to our own back door.

So come to Jesus, take a vow,
no matter what you do
to the evil one do not bow

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