How Will You Ever Know?

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Where do you hide
when the hits keep coming?
Where do you turn
when there is no running?

How do you stand
when you need to fall?
How do you decline
to answer their call?

What do you do
when you’re on the edge?
How do you keep
yourself on the ledge?

There are times that
it seems hope is gone
For any time coming
that you can move on

But if you jump off
how will you ever know
What God has planned
for your next show?

Teresa Marie 3/29/12 Β©


* For all my friends and family who are wondering if their lives will ever get any better; as long as you take a breath, there is hope!!!

9 thoughts on “How Will You Ever Know?

  1. lived life like that for ten years. finally god gave me the strength to move on. he knew the perfect timing. he was right, as usual. best decision i ever made

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