My Absence – Updates – Praying

Where to start:

1)  Mom brought dad home from the hospital today.  They will need to stay down in Florida for a couple more weeks until the doctor clears him to come home.  Good news, he is eating well and in fair spirits.

2)  The principle at Sara’s school did an investigation into her being bullied after I spoke with him this morning.  Although the girls denied any involvement, they know he is watching them and they have backed off Sara.  Good news.

3)  Penny had her second bypass a couple of weeks ago.  She was in a lot of pain when I talked to her last Wed. afternoon.  I have been trying to call her on and off since and was going to go by there in the morning if I still got no answer.  Her younger son answered her phone today and informed me that they took her to the emergency room last night.  The new bypass is blocked.  They took her down to Methodist Hospital.  She will see the specialist down there in the morning.  It doesn’t look good beings that her foot is turning purple.  PLEASE pray for her!!!  Losing her foot/leg was one of her biggest fears when we talked before her last surgery.

4)  My eldest is suffering her own minor nervous breakdown right now and I have been trying to help her get some perspective on life and how to get through her current crisis.  She said she thought it was pretty bad that at 33 years old she had to come running home to mommy!  I told her that’s what I’m here for 🙂  

5)  I’ve been going back and forth between sleeping a lot to keep up with the toll of the stress and/or being immobilized by it all.  Therefore, I have not had the energy to do my blog and don’t know exactly how soon I will be back.  It will probably be hit and miss for a little while.  

I am sorry to disappoint those who look forward to their daily laughs and promise to try to make it a short absence.

Love to all,


25 thoughts on “My Absence – Updates – Praying

    1. Thank you Autumn!! I do appreciate it more than I can ever say!!!!!! huge hugs and please say some extra prayers for my Penny. I am so very sad about all that she is facing with a third bypass surgery alone, not to mention possible amputation. I am heartbroken for her!!

  1. Terri, there is no need to apologize, I am just so sorry there is so much turmoil in your life and the lives of your loved ones right now. We will be here when you get back; just take care of you and yours. Sending you lots of positive thoughts, love and prayers. ~ Love, Julie xoxox

    1. Thank you Julie!! I can never thank God enough for all of you followers of mine who so readily stand in the gap when I need you the most!!! God bless you! much love, Terri xoxoxo

  2. I will pray that this also passes. God be with you and your loved ones. May God grant you rest when you lay your head down tonite. We are here for you.

    1. Thank you Terry!! I dropped like a rock last night. I will let you all know what I find out about Penny later today when I talk to her son. God bless you! love, Terri

  3. I hope everything soon falls into place for you, your family and friends, Terri… I’ll pray for you to be able to sail through this all…

  4. Terri, you have so much going on in the circle of family and friends that are closest to you , I know your faith is very strong and now you need to be even stronger; tis the devils work at hand it seems trying to see how strong you are. Just know that we have all put on our armour and we will be your prayer warriors. We pray for you to have clarity of mind, wisdom in your words, understanding of information given and ability to give good advice as needed. We pray that the Doctors involved with everyone allow God’s hands to guide them and knowledge to give beneficial treatment.We pray that your Sara has the right attitude and the right words to turn these bullies into no less than classmates and perhaps friends. We pray these challenges are resolved the way God wants them resolved and that all concerned will be blessed by His mercy and grace.

    1. Thank you Len!! Your prayer brought tears to my eyes, I am deeply touched!! From your lips to God’s ears!! I am just so worried about my Penny but will be as strong as she needs me to be whatever the outcome. Sara asked me last night how old she is and, although losing a limb at any age is horrific, she is way too young to have to deal with any of this at 61. I love her dearly and add my Amen to your prayer. Thank you again and may God bless you richly, Terri

  5. Terri,

    Family comes first as you know – they need you. We pray that everything will turn out well. We’ll catch up when you get back.

    One more thing – don’t forget to take care of your own health and well being, dear.

    Luv and hugz, Eric

    1. Thank you Eric!! I am doing my best to make sure I’m taking all my medicines on time and eating properly. I appreciate the your prayers ever so much!!!! We will get through it all with God’s help. I’m am anxious to have my mom and dad back home with us and not so far away. That will alleviate a lot of my stress right there 🙂 God bless you! Love and hugs back, Terri

  6. Dear Dear Terri …
    You have a great many things to attend to right now. You should do that and along with it rest. There is no need to feel pressure to meet daily postings on your blog. They should be expressions of your giving to us but not at the expense of adding tension or anxiety. Things come up; things happen. You have to go with the flow of it in order to avoid being affected by it and have your own health set backs. It difficult to do and always easier said then done. Take the time and heal and rest.
    Blessings to you and Prays for all.

    1. Thanks Izzy!!!! I used to feel stressed out about meeting my self-set daily goals for this blog but I have not felt so bad about it lately 🙂 I realized that it was not a life or death situation; the things I am dealing with now could be. That puts everything in perspective real quick! I miss my daily interaction with everyone though. As I said, it will be hit or miss for a while. love and hugs, Terri

  7. Terri, I’ve been slow in visits, but I’m glad I read this; I wasn’t aware of what was happening…You and your family will be in my prayers, as well. You have a lot going on, so please try to take care of yourself, too! I’ll pray that God watches over you all and keeps you at peace~sending hugs~ xoxo

    1. Thanks Lauren!!! It’s been stressful to say the least and my aunt died this morning to add to it all 😦 My cousin was happy that my aunt made it long enough to welcome her daughter’s 50th birthday with her but still a sad memory to have for your birthday present. She was VERY close with her mother. I appreciate your kind thoughts and prayers and send huge hugs and love back to you, Terri

      1. Oh, Terri, I’m so sorry to hear about your Aunt’s passing. I suppose there’s always a bright side to death, but it doesn’t erase the sorrow. When my Mom died last month, everyone said that she lived a long life (90) and as much as that is true, she’s my Mom and the first parent to die, so it was and still hard to grasp (not having the physical presence). But, enough about me, my prayers have doubled now for you! Consider yourself cyber hugged, too, and if you ever need to talk, just email me. I’m a great listener~Blessings and healing hugs sent your way. xoxo

    1. Thank you RJ!! I am truly blessed by the prayers you all have offered for myself and loved ones!! Deeply grateful and humbled, Terri


    1. Thank you Francine!! It is a true blessing to have so many willing to add their prayers to ours!! much love and blessings to you, Terri


  8. Terri,
    I’m praying for you and your family through this very difficult journey. Maria sent me your site and I respect her. I will be back to read more. Take care of you and the family and return only when you have gotten through this crisis. I pray for health with everyone. Edie

    1. Thank you Edie!! (that was my aunt’s name too – actually Edna Mae but we called her Edie!) I appreciate your thoughts and prayers ever so much! Have a wonderful, blessed Easter weekend, Terri

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